About Us


The power of storytelling has lived through all times of history. It has been used predominantly to communicate centuries of traditions and human ventures in many aspects of life. Good stories are often passed down from one generation to another without fail. THEY connect people together. THEY bound people emotionally. THEY, the stories, are living monuments.

EcoEpic is one such medium, designed to best maneuver environmental consciousness through storytelling. Having recognised the power of stories, herein we use them to mould the young minds to cultivate sustainability.

We present a chamber of stories depicting heroic actions of characters, who chose to make environmentally conscious decisions when monetary greed could have easily ruled them over, in pursuit of their business. Through their wisdom of actions, they become an epic, leaving behind a legacy...

Our stories will hopefully guide and nurture our followers on what could be different with every decision made more consciously. Though fictional we hope it touches the hearts of the businessmen and eventually become part of their guiding principle. Stories change hearts, inspiring responsible actions.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Poovarasi Balan
Founder, EcoEpic